Sunday, February 12, 2023

Why do Jews use blacks - Why do blacks never see it?

 The simple answer is because blacks have shown them through their slums, drugs, hip hop gangster lifestyle and worship of the criminal that they will obey and not even try to get out or change.

They show the Jews that they have already given up on the God they also hate and are willing to live the Jew designed 1929 Berlin death style that they want for all people and nations.

The black communities have aready given up on true freedom, the jews don’t even have to invest in media to propagandize them - they just rely on their hip hop narrative of drugs, whores and Jew banker worthless money which the blacks now worship.

Jews push the hate and call for murder and rape of only Whites.

They need someone to carry out their White hatred - enter the subhuman niggers who do their bidding

The Jew won’t execute their White genocide themselves so they can maintain their bullshit victim status 

Jews are very serious about White genocide and they are implementing their plan world wide


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