Monday, September 26, 2022

Ultimate Common Law ID - affidavit of status -

Crime has to have a victim - not following a city policy is not a crime 
  Crimes can only be committed against a man or a woman

Must have a warrant to pull you over 
Or must have probable cause of a crime 

If not he has violated your 4th amendment rights 

Code infractions - not crimes 
  • Speed
  • Stop sign
  • Lane change
Cops are city employee
  They work to gain revenue for the city
   There is no detention- if you are stopped you are arrested 
    Only two ways cops can interact you
      - warrant issued for you
      - has probable cause of a crime 
    When a cop steps outside the (federal or state) constitution- his insurance will not pay if he’s sued

Article 6 clause 2 real law
  1. Federal law - constitution - (secures your God given rights)
  2. State constitution 
  3. Laws,statutes,codes and ordinances - city cops