Reduce human populations.  There is a mass awakening in the people of the world and too many control means are being questioned and failing. Those who have benefited from these controls for centuries are now in a race to eliminate their exposure and the possibility of consequences. 
The race is on.

Weather lies - media and government

The governments and their true employers use the myths of weather emergency to justify action which costs billions of dollars to accomplish no result but their own enrichment and control of the masses which is of existential importance to them. They us their media to push a narrative which keeps people in fear so they can then tax them to repay the loans they take out to fleece their own pockets.  The media must keep the people mislead or the people would rise and end the tyranny.  The media is their key.

Leonard Nimoy narrates this 1970s special predicting with certainty that we are hitting a global ice age. Many of the same “scientists” who not predict global warming were part of this fear mongering scam.

The same media who now tell you weather is dangerous reported on actual weather deaths due to heat in the past

They have their media push fake records world wide while they ignore actual weather records

Weather manipulation

Thailand and Indonesia sign agreement on weather manipulation

Short video of created clouds and Rothschild ownership of program

One of the hosts of a British automobile show documents NASA creating clouds in the 1970s

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