cv19 responses


This cv19 attack was due to illegals being unable to enter and vote for their handlers. 

Action: shut down all immigration for until no new virus cases. 


Again due to illegals being unable to vote for the dems they were going to use this as a way to push for mail in ballots they could manipulate.  That is why their media darling Faucci was pushing to keep the country locked down until ...... elections ....

Action: combine their cv19 attack with their Russian election tampering and put military medical personnel at all polling stations to handle and count votes and suppress possible cv19 spread.  Send military personnel to homes of those who cannot get to polls  to collect ballots to ensure no Russian tampering in elections. All votes this year will require voter ID.


China unleashed this Planned-demic at the bidding of the same overlords who run the democrats. 
The democrats are using this to send huge amounts of foreign aid which is diverted to their handlers and themselves. 

Action: bring back all manufacturing from China. Medical supplies must be made in USA from now on.  
Action: all foreign aid is halted until no American is suffering from corona virus ...... no foreign aid to any country not shutting down it’s borders to help stop the spread of cv19. 

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