Confront the media

 These disgusting tools of the tyrants have zero integrity and thanks to Obama allowing them to legally push propaganda they now do nothing else.  Without them convincing the weak minded and the boot licking cops to enforce the removal of our freedom we would be facing none of this.

If they don't report it ... It means they support it.

We need protesters at every news station and following every on the scene reporter to ask them how they sleep at night knowing that not all men are christian and more and more now see their part in this murder of children and the elderly.  We need to tell them they need Jesus now because only he can forgive them for what they have done.

Questions to confront them with:

  1. VAERS shows more dead and permanently dissabled from these vaccines than any other in history.  - Why do you push these meds?  - Why do you not question the doctors, hospital admins and pharmacists pushing this know deadly genocidal mix.
  2. Hospitals pushing remdesivir have a 99% mortality rate - why does media not question this
  3. Doctors world wide are providing evidence of patients saved using HCQ and Ivermectin - why are you not covering these positive results.
  4. HCQ and remdesivir are FDA approved - why do you not question pharmacists refusing to fill these prescriptions.
  5. HCQ and remdesivir are FDA approved - why do you not question doctors refusing to prescribe these medications.
  6. Vaccinated making accounting for most hospitalizations and deaths - WHya re they not reporting on this?
  7. A positive result from a flawed test is not a case - why did they and do they push false positives as a case when they know cases require symptoms?
  8. Omicron is rampant in the VACCINATED  - Why do you report that the unvaccinated are the mostly affected.
  9. Pfizer just acquires a heart ailment company - if myocarditis is no issue why did this occur - why not ask 
  10. Doctor threatened and punished for saving 4,000 patients - why no interview - why don’t you question his attackers?

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