What’s coming

 They are a year or two behind plans - that’s why they are moving so fast.

C - certificate
O - of 
V - vaccination
ID - identification
19 - 2019 

The embarrassment of Trump being elected and slowing down their goals has caused an escalation in their tyranny and forced an increased momentum and that can lead to mistakes which we must capitalize on now or we face a bleak future.  

Their immediate goals 

  1. Increase division - they will do this accusing the unvaccinated for the deaths of those they had filled with enough fear to take an experimental jab which will now kill many of them
  2. Create chaos - They are now encouraging black crime by offering no consequences while they imprison and oppress whites for simply opposing a school curriculum or protesting election fraud.
  3. They need full control for their new financial system and that requires all to have an “ID” to allow for tracking and manipulation - they will blame COVID-19 fake passports as a need to “mark” all with  a readable code.  This will allow access to society and control all commerce.
They have been exposed and now many of their lies like Over population are collapsing around them. They are losing the tools they have used to control the masses - their only choice now is to reduce and cull the masses to a manageable “guide stone” level.  

Fight now, or accept your domination and kneel your way to a thousand deaths like all cowards before you.

Who runs and owns it all 

https://rumble.com/vqnfas-guilty-as-hell-damning-new-evidence-revealed-in-epic-rfk-jr-interview-fauci.html  starts with Fauci and his disgusting history - goes into global controllers

Klauss and his young global leaders - tyrants


Economic reset 

Fiat currency has failed

They need a new system where you can be controlled 

  • Credit score 
  • Digital currency
  • Vaccine to deliver medical and remote control abilities
  • 5G - is a weapon - can communicate with what has been injected


Attacks on health


https://newtube.app/user/CitizenofGotham/9ii21JI   Sliced to death by invisible graphene razors

https://newtube.app/user/GSHforLife/WlV0PwL   What the skylines are for and how to stop it. 

Their plans

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