The most lied about medication in the history of government lies

Dr Pierre Kory testifies to congress Ivermectin 

Ivermectin details and history of this Nobel prize winning drug https://www.peoplealwayswin.com/2021/10/16/is-this-why-they-dont-want/

Hero nurse sneaks ivermectin to hospital patient (her sister).  The hospital was pushing remdesivir to kill her sister https://www.bitchute.com/video/3ZrLUrEAYByV/

Host saves her 86 year old father after 20 days in hospital by sneaking ivermectin and hcq in to him.  He is not vaccinated and ivermectin saved him. https://www.bitchute.com/video/AilAWVwrk9Wq/

Dr Ardis documents that ivermectin is approved on CDC and NIH websites https://bfquestiontime.blogspot.com/2021/10/dr-ardis-documents-for-nih-and-cms.html

1980 release by Merc Started it's run in fighting river blindnes in Arrica and South America 
1976 - Merc pattent ended 
2015 - Dr who found and developed ivermectin given Nobel Prize 
2020 - invetro testing showed ivermectin 5,000 fold reduction in viral levels with no side effects in cells
Broward health Dr Rajter - 2020 - gave to patient in ICU just before her death - she was cured in 1 week
  He treated 100s of patients - all recovered - 0 deaths 

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