Questions about 1900s Germany

The biggest question I have about Germany in the 1920s and 1930s is why did so many German people follow Hitler? Why would any thinking person follow someone into atrocities and ultimately their own doom.
I look at those faces of the millions at Nuremberg and I cannot understand how those happy people could become the monsters of history. What could turn so many seeming normal people into what we are told they became?
That is the question I will be looking at here.

As I look at the history here I see a German people in the grips of economic collapse with a general failing of their society into depravity but also gripped by communist uprising and bullying along with a growing knowledge of Russian communist desires to do to them what had been done to so many innocent people in Russia at the hands of communist murderers.

Here is a chronology of events up to the start of WWII  

I see a German people aware of communist designs on them and I wonder did they want a savior to protect them from these communists.  I see that many of the communists and their leaders were Jewish which I find confusing. Communists deny God but Jewish people (at least the Jewish people I know and call my friends) love family, individual freedom and believe in God so why were so many Jewish people joining communist ranks?  We now know that Hitler helped many Jewish families move to newly formed Palestine and we also see that many of the German Jews did not join the communists but in fact joined the German army and fought for Germany in WWII. How much of what happened in Germany was out of fear of communists and how much of what we are told is communist propaganda? Did the communists actually create the environment needed to spark WWIII?

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