Your Rights


Your rights are not given to you by the government, your rights are from God himself … your creator.  The constitution was crafted to protect your God given rights from a constantly growing and festering government encroachment on your rights.

Right of press

Many are exposing the tyranny and in some cases ignorance of government officials and police who now mistakenly believe being offended is the same as a crime.  Here are people acting as independent journalists and some who are taking back the law from the corrupt. 

Right to freedom of religion

Street preachers exercise our right to religious freedom and face growing persecution from the left and all who hate to see a free country and a free people.  Here are examples of what preachers face.

Right to travel

Many do not know that the right to travel in your own personal property does not require a license and automobiles used only for personal travel and not for business require no registration or insurance.  Here are examples of people who know their rights exercising them and winning in court.

Property rights 

America has allodial title rights for property owners and constitutionally protects these title holders from any taxation and trespass unless a business is operated on the property.  Here is the master of property rights. 

Do you have to legally pay income taxes - find out here  

 Infringement and penalties for denial of your rights 

Depravation of rights under color of law
Conspiracy against your rights

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