Christianity or Islam

Like many of you who enjoy history I have known for a very long time that the communist scum were much worse tyrants than the Nazis and had killed more than 20 million of their own people and innocent Ukrainians even before the start of WWII when the allies strangely gave the communists a pass for recent atrocities even as they invaded Poland at the same time as the Nazis.
 I did not realize that the Muslims were in fact the worst mass murderers in history until recently. Of course it makes sense when we look at history and see that Mohamed and his blood thirsty cult started their killing spree almost as soon as they formed about 700 years after Christ was crucified. 
They had been murdering in Africa and Europe for 300 years before the crusades began (1080 - 1240) and ended and continued on a massive scale forming caliphates and empires right up until the end of WWI with the dissolution of the Ottoman empire. Murder in the name of Islam continues to this day on a smaller scale as the Shia kill the Sunni and both kill the infidel. 
Even when we add the 2 million murdered by Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge from 1975 to 1979 to the 91 million slaughtered by his communist scum brothers in Russia and China their combined 93 million dwarfs Nazi 21 million but pales in comparison to the 270 million killed by the true masters of death and slavery from Islam. 

Who wrote the Quran

Islam and the left


The only begotten son of god 
The only perfect person who could offer you salvation via his perfect blood 
Called himself god

The Holy Spirit 

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