Love of many shall wax cold

 While most have grown to love only themselves and money, the world wide organized hatred is on a level we have never seen before.  Never have all governments and media been so willing to operate in lockstep and commit murder or be accomplice to the murder and the open hatred of whites and use of blacks to push the hate is also on a new level in the US.  This is clear evidence that the love of many has waxed cold.  We are far down the line of what Jesus warned us we would see.

The evidence is clear - these are the last days 

Doctors murder patients 

Nurses dance in hospital hallways as patients murdered 

Governments across the world participate in genocide - never this level of loveless coordinated hate.

Police brutalize the innocent while stepping on the constitution and allowing lawbreakers to go free.

Synagog of Satan order their media to push their planned agenda

While they push this hatred because they no longer have love they will not get away with it. Every step they take pushes them closer to the very day they cannot avoid.  Keep the faith, endure and push back but do it all without fear.

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