Thursday, March 9, 2023

The police state - why?


Cops are the ground troops of the corrupt.

They are the order takers who pay no mind to the constitution they are sworn to protect. Most if not all of them do not even know the amendments or any other contents of the constitution.  They can’t name the 5 protections in the 1st when questioned.

The corrupt politicians (they’re  not our leaders) need these order taking oath breakers to do their biding especially when it negates and attacks the constitution and our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS and FREEDOM.

There is another problem here we have allowed through lack of thought.  Cops are incentivized to obey the corrupt and attack our freedoms.

  • Cops simply want to earn more .. as we all do .. they do not honor their oath
  • How do they get pay raises and promotions?
    • By giving out tickets - revenue for the city and the corrupt
    • By impounding property - revenue - reward for them
    • By incarceration- how much do they get for each arrest?
    • By pushing citizens into expensive courts run by illegal Bar
    • By taking your children to punish you and feed the courts
    • By enforcing feelings and control - more expensive courts at least..
We have allowed them to be rewarded for our abuses and this must change.  Cops should have no protections for denying any American citizen of any right.  We must sue sue sue for every minor infraction and demand that if a civil right is denied the cop must personally be held criminally responsible while the municipality suffers the financial consequence.  We must sue ourselves and eliminate the costs by taking simple law courses and representing our selves, it’s not as hard as we have been misled to believe.

The corrupt are using the Jew victim strategy on the cops now … defund, Antifa, open attacks.  They will use this to later have the cop (the abuser) play the victim so they can abuse more while you feel guilty for pointing out their abuse.  The endless Jew strategy that is now more and more exposed.

Restructure how are cops are paid and incentivized to be based on rights protected and we remove the power from the corrupt and the Jew at the same time.  We must limit their authority to what they only have  legal power over, both in travel and property.

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