Friday, March 3, 2023

Why does Ukraine matter - who is driving it all


Because those who hate you and want your culture and your history destroyed need a way to fund all the NGOs bringing blacks and other nationalities into your nation to ensure your culture no longer exists. 

No more quiet cafes in a French town or even in Paris - now black riots and white hate

No more Irish villages with quaint accents and warm people - now blacks in open street battles

No more amazing Greek islands - now beaches littered with garbage and migrant rape squads

No more safe streets for nightly strolls with loved ones in an ancient Italian city - now Muslim gangs and black rape and hate

This is because whites are hated 

This is a global strategy to destroy culture, family and decency 

The Jews hate whites and want them destroyed but they cannot send these Jews out to do this using the $billions given to them in Israel every year by the politicians in Washington doing the bidding of their Jew pimps.  The funds they use come from Ukraine - given to the NGOs that push the mass migration designed to rape and breed out the whites who the jews fear so much.  The blacks and Latin Americans have already given their nations to communist control which is the same as Jew control.  

No other group in the world has such a passion to destroy history as the communist / Jew because so much of what has been so called is now being exposed as nothing but a Jew lie much like the atrocities at Dresden.   The Jew has no choice but to make history an evil construct so the goyim will be afraid to even research it.  Just like their ADL targets anyone pointing out the evil of the Jew funded mass migration, Jew funded trans agenda, Jew organized and run porn and the Jew funded normalization of child molestation and pedophilia and Jew controlled media who covers for them and pushes their agenda

 All this is simply a means to an end of white family and the white race who the Jews fear … because they do know history and they know that whites always expose their evil and eventually take action against evil because they are decent.

This is what the Jew hates … this is what American teachers say is the issue in the world. This is what he Jew now aggressively targets as white “men” stand by and do nothing.  

Why do white males not defend their women …  Because they are no longer men, and future males are under Jew attack.  All white children must be attacked or removed.

This is what the Jew hate and propaganda inspires

The Jew has gotten away with their complete and total manipulation of history and truth because the goyim simply cannot grasp the fact that so many would be willing to go along with the lie … so many would have to be in on it to pull something like that off.

Covid has put an end to those doubts and showed the world just how wide spread the manipulation, lies and willingness to destroy and murder for money truly is.  The truth always comes out … the Jew lives in constant fear of this eventuality. 

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