Sunday, March 5, 2023

Jews and Islam


Why do Jews claim fear of Islam … persecution from Islam and yet setup NGOs to bring millions of Muslims into the west all while their ADL and SPLC attack anyone pointing out the crimes and hate filled actions of Muslims in the countries they have been comfortably installed in.  Jews believe they already have their Muslim pawns under control, the fact that isis has not moved against Israel would suggest that they are correct.

Islam is a corrosive invasive ideology that destroys any culture it comes in contact with until it can dominate and replace it. Islam does this openly while the Jews prefer to have absolute control from behind the scenes and the within the “law” which they corrupt and manipulate but both want the same levels of total control.

Jews have openly stated they want the end of whites and white America. They will use Muslims who share this goal to destroy your culture, rape your women and breed you out of existence all while having their muslim military age men destroy cities and introduce rape gangs and crime so the Jews can increase the police state and add blue gang troops before they add more laws to end the first amendment and all the other freedoms both Jews and muslims hate.  This will all be covered up by the Jew owned media who will also attack anyone trying to expose the criminal acts

Islam attacks free speech with its blasphemy laws to insure it’s crimes and hate are not exposed.

This is the current path of the ADL, every Jew run social media site and most Jews on any level of government … all pushed by their bought and paid for blue line gangs.  

Jews and islam have common enemies in free speech and free people.   The enemy of my enemy is my friend which is why the Jews in power currently use the Muslims against you. 

The enemy of the Jew and the Muslim is you.

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