Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Electromagnetic devices


Operation Warp Speed

  • Warp Speed contract Classifies Covid injections as Electromagnetic Devices
  • Warp speed contract does not state that injections are Biological


  • Nanotec technology developed over last 30 years
  • Kingston report (21 minutes)
  • In the injection
    • MRNA - software - controls the lipid nano particles in the injection 
      • Sequences - code to instruct human cells (programs in the MRNA) 
      • Created and written by company Sino Biological - Beijing 
      • Covid - sequence created in Wuhan 
        • Make viruses 
        • Spike proteins 
        • Cancers …..
    • Spike proteins - lipid nanotechnology bio weapons 
      • They are programmed to interact with human cells - create toxins
    • Lipids - self assembling nanotechnology
      • Fully programmable
      • Contain a cationic (positive) charge - not natural - man made - fully programmable - they drain close to 50% of energy from the body - tired at all times (34:28)
      • They get instruction from the MRNA sequences
    • (23 minutes in)
  • These patents attempted to be hidden for 75 years (Pfizer)
  • Moderna - calls MRNA software - calls their vaccine an operating system
  • Pfizer - calls their vaccine nanotechnology- hydrogels = grapheme oxide fused with quantum dot technology (nothing biological or natural)
    • Their tech then works with human cells to make new life forms within (.5 human .5 nano)
    • Self assembling (within the body … huge white clots)
    • Fully programmable from outside the body (5g+internet+LEOs)
    • Quantum dot - allows Bluetooth communication with victim (28 minutes)
    • Luciferous and quantum dot tech are the same thing (just retitled)
    • Quantum dots - host the electromagnetic fields - produce Bluetooth codes from humans
  •  Negative ions - effective treatment and block of the external programming (38 minutes)

Goal of the pandemic

  • Get the technology into as many as possible
  • During pandemic - thousands of new LEO “satellites” launched
  • During pandemic - thousands of new 5g towers erected
  • Up to and during pandemic - plans implemented to get all connected to internet (so they can receive new programming)
  • Internet uses the 5g and LEOs to connect call victims for monitoring and control 
  • (9 minutes to 20 minutes)

White fibrous objects in victims

  • Dr Ana Mihalcea
  • Hydrogel in blood samples (45:42)
  • Blood fills with self assembling nanotech - overtime it can no longer provide oxygen
  • Blood left in tubes for 4 hours
    • No testing or moving 
    • Blood separated by itself
    • Rubbery hydrogel from injection floated to top
    • Normal biological blood settled to bottom
    • The rubbery hydrogel cannot be dissolved by blood thinners 
  • Covid patents explained:
    • Built by EMF (48:15)
    • Soft actuators - grown in the bodies of the injected
    • Biosynthesis - programmed to take form of human tissue (grow undetected inside veins and arteries)
    • They can respond to external stimulus
    • They can controlled to close and open - automate flow 
    • Controlled remotely by EMF 
  • All injected now have the actuators/receptors inside them
    • All injected now carry bio nano machines within (1:08:50)
    • Grapheme based nano antennas - under skin receptor for instruction 
    • They can now be reached via the internet through 5g
    • They are now part of the “internet of things” - requires 6&7g to fully implement
    • They are now subject to the 30 year government project to gain control
    • Transmitters of next level networks (bio nano) being distributed in chemtrails
    • Project leads: Ian Alkyildiz, Miguel Jomet (53:42)

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