Tuesday, August 2, 2022

States incentivized to kidnap children via CPS & Law Enforcement

Testimony begins at the 1:49 mark

 4 years as Georgia Senator - wrote report on CPS abuses - lost her senate seat
  • Hospitals and doctors supply children to CPS
  • Children removed from homes - for profit
  • Children can be taken with no order - from hospitals
  • Government gives money to states via “adoption and safe families act”
    • Signed into law in 1997 by Bill & Hillary Clinton
    • Takes money from SSI and gives to states
    • Local CPS must have kids to get bonuses
    • Each child is worth approx $1 million to the state
    • $80 billion taken from SSI and given to states
  • CPS takes children 83% of time with no substantiation of charge
  • Profit for longer holding of children
  • Bonuses for not returning children
  • Case workers committing fraud and withholding evidence

Senator testimony starts at around the 1:49 mark
Laurie Fortier 

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