Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Why don't people see it

This is a military style invasion setup to keep one group in power while having the very people who are under attack pay for the invasion.

Here's how it works:

Any army marches on it's stomach ... these invaders have to be paid for by welfare, food stamps and subsidized housing so they can be moved to any location they are needed in. They can't get jobs and assimilate or they can't be moved, also if they get jobs they might just dessert and you still need them.
Big business can play a role as they can benefit from cheap illegal labor which allows you to extort the business for donations and grease your own pocket. You also put family memebers on the board or in high paying positions inside the company.

An army need camps and headquarters and that is the function of the sanctuary cities. Here  they find easy access to govt funded housing and welfare and food stamp offices. These cities are in voting areas that secure democrat strongholds and increase the number of democrats in the house of reps as the population grows. The census doesn't indicate citizenship so they add to population and then vote illegally to keep themselves here and keep the welfare funds flowing to themselves, they came here illegally so why wouldn't they vote illegally to stay.

Armies need staging grounds to invade other territory and this why we see sanctuary cities spreading all over the country. These people migrated here so they are willing to move .... you transport them to the next sanctuary city you want to attack from and begin the process of growing your illegal voting base to change any red district to blue.We taxpayers pay to house and feed them so they don't care where they live. As their political influence grows they disarm the citizenry so they can be controlled.

Military police are needed to keep occupied territories under control and this is the function of MS13 and Antifa until such time as an area is completely taken over like Chicago or Detroit then the DOJ is infiltrated and ensures poor communities feed on themselves without proper police protection while the rich donors are fully protected and cared for as long as they can pay to maintain the welfare state.

A good military leader never interferes with an enemy when they are making a mistake and the wall may be a mistake as a first point of attack. The wall will slow the flow of illegals but the main issue is the belly of the army and this is not under any attack. Stop welfare to all non-citizens and this entire army will dessert!!  The army is already here .... the wall only stops reinforcements but we have over  30,000,000 within our "walls" right now and we need to attack their belly!  American taxpayers are funding this invading army and if we stop the funding the democrats and Soros will not be able to pay for them ..... it's been our own funding all along that supported this army not Soros.


  1. Stop all welfare to any non citizen- those awaiting amnesty included.
  2. Only children of citizens or registered aliens can attend public schools
  3. No college aid to any non-citizen
  4. Imprison leaders who setup sanctuary cities for treason against the republic
  5. Imprison all guilty of sedition - stops the spread of Islam in it's tracks
  6. Deport all illegals with criminal activity or known gang affiliation
  7. Build the wall to stop any reinforcements
  8. Take a census to determine actual american citizens and verify against all recent election results
Steps 1 - 3 will result in mass self deportations of illegals back to their countries 
, even those awaiting amnesty will do it from their homes. It will also stop democrats from running for office as their main source of extortion and kick backs has dried up
Step 4 will deter communist leaders from attempting to seek further office
Step 8 will result in elections needing to be retaken and put American's back in control of their country

Here is how they create the migrants in the first place

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