Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Why did the German people accept and welcome Hitler

Why did the German people welcome and almost worship Hitler and why did they join him in his efforts against the communists and the Jewish people in power in Germany in 1930?
In 1918 & 1919 Bolshevik communists took over all of Bavaria in the middle of Germany. The German people had just lost WWI and were weary of the fight so the communists took advantage of the situation. The Bolsheviks took all of Bavaria and made Munich their capital. Eventually German troops had to fight on their own soil to get rid of the Bolshevik invaders. The leaders of the Bolshevik revolution in Germany were Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Leibnicht - Both Jewish. The president they imposed was Ugene Levine - also jewish.
This would make the German people very suspicious of Bolsheviks and Jews in Germany.

In 1920 Lenin and Trotski - both Jewish Bolsheviks lead and army of Russian bolshevik communists into Poland to try and take Germany and Poland but they were stopped at the outskirts of Warsaw in a miraculous battle.
This showed the German people that the Russian Bolsheviks wanted to do to Germans what they had done to the people of Russia where over 20 million were murdered.

Question: With leaders of the Bavarian revolution and the leaders of the Russian Red Army that tried to attack through Poland all being Jewish Bolsheviks .... did the German people accept Hitler because they knew the Bolsheviks wanted to murder them as they had done to so many in Russia?

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