Saturday, April 7, 2018

Why did so many Jewish soldiers fight for Hitler

Hitler had more than 150,000 Jewish troops with some of them reaching the highest rank in the German military.

Question: Why would these men fight for a man who hated all Jews?

Why did Hitler help the Zionists settle Palestine

Hitler came to full power in Germany in March of 1933, on March 24th of the same year Judea declared war on Germany. This declaration of war resulted in a world wide boycott of German goods. Hitler and the Zionists negotiated the Haavara agreement on August 25th 1933 and between 1933 and 1939 over 60,000 Jewish families were resettled in newly formed Palestine.

Judea declared war as a result of Jews being removed from positions of power in German government and media. At this point in history many of the communists in the world were Jewish and the German people had many suspicions and fears of communists and their hateful atrocities. In 1933 the Jewish population in Germany was estimated at 600,000, a full 10% of this population was resettled in Palestine as a result of the Haavara agreement.

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Why side with mass murderers?

Lenin and Stalin had killed millions before September of 1939. Estimates now sit at well over 20,000,000 people brutally murdered by Communists in Russia and Ukraine. With that being known why would England and France be so quick to declare war on Germany who at the start of the war in 1939 had committed no mass murder of any kind. Why did they side with Russia who also invaded Poland nut just in 1939 but also in 1920?

On the contrary, the only thing Germany had done was expel those who were also communist sympathizers. Just after WWI communists had taken over all of Bavaria inside Germany and had to be removed by force. The same communist murderers who killed the czar and millions of other Russians tried to come through Poland to join the communists in Bavaria but the Polish people stopped them outside Warsaw. This showed the German people that communists from inside and outside Germany wanted their country and would commit the same atrocities on them.